Net Worth Update February 2021: $369,022

I’ve crunched the numbers for February 2021. 


There’s Nothing Exciting to Report This Month

There’s no major changes or revelations to report this month. See the numbers for yourself. 

I Fixed the Glitch

I did discover that I made a mistake in tallying credit card debt. I double-counted the home equity loan. So, hooray! I have less liabilities than I thought.

We Slipped Further Away from 1 Million in Assets

If you’ve been obsessively checking stock prices this year, you may have seen that one day they’re up! The next day they’re down!

We’ve slipped a little bit further away from the magic sound $1,000,000 in assets. If we valued our real estate at what we could sell it for tomorrow, then we’d be over 1 million! I prefer to keep the house value stable for at least a year and factor in modest increases as it is the hardest asset to liquidate.

Student Loans Won’t Be Changing Anytime Soon

All of our student loans are Federally owned and are therefore part of the 0% rate freeze and payment hold that’s part of pandemic economic relief efforts. This number will stay the same until at least September.

Big Changes Coming Soon

You can’t see it reflected in February’s tallies, but we made some pretty radical decisions and bold moves that will be reflected in March’s update. There may also be an article or two before then talking through the hard decisions we made and how we weighed our options.

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