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Net Worth Update May 2017

Progress, but just barely

I checked my investment account balances a few too many times over the past month. I watched them dip and dance several times. I’m bracing myself for a downturn sometime in the near future, rather than steady gain.

Net Worth: $33,537

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Mrs. Breadwinner and Stay at Home Dad Stigmas

I make the big bucks.

My husband stays at home all day to care for our daughter. He’s also responsible for most of the cooking and cleaning.

Even around Boston, stay at home dads are rare. It’s sad SAHDs are rare.

Mr & Mrs has baked in gendered power dynamics. Most people forget that. I forget that fact too. Recently, I addressed a bunch of cards and had to write our return address. I wondered how best to write it. Do I put Mr. and Mrs. (which I don’t like) or do I just put The LastNames?  Derek suggested that since I now have a PhD, I put Dr. So, to the etiquette articles I went. Not stuffy old etiquette books from bygone eras that tell you to wear your nice gloves when going to the grocery store. But a modern article on proper title etiquette readily available on the internet. I found that Dr is a higher status than Mr. So, I now go first.

We’re no longer Mr. & Mrs. Derek MoneyProwess. We’re Dr. Kat and Mr. Derek MoneyProwess.

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Net Worth Update April 2017

I feel strapped for cash all the time. Forward progress is happening, but it doesn’t feel forward enough. Fast enough. Can’t I just be early retired already?

Progress is painful. It’s like I’m mile 2 into a marathon, just realizing that the longest I’ve run before is a 5k and that I already feel a cramp coming on. It’s like it’d be so easy to just say f-it, give up now, and I could still pat myself on the back for nearly besting my personal best. Holding myself to task with this public monthly reckoning is helping to hold me accountable.

Net Worth: $32,939

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Holey Socks on a Six Figure Income: Our Budget and Spending

My salary is now just under 100k/year. D makes just over 20k/year. That puts us at about 120k combined income. Yowzars. We MUST be moneybags. Um. Hold it.


We didn’t earn that in 2016 or any prior year. There can be a big difference between sticker salary and actual earnings – depending on if full time, part time, or this new sticker amount is due to a raise. I’ve collected two paychecks in 2017 based on this new just under 100k salary. Derek works hourly. He has no paid time off. In 2015, I was underemployed for four months, in 2016, for three months. Underemployed = not earning enough to pay the basic bills. Hello credit cards – thanks for letting me run you up so I could pay rent and eat.

Anyway, onto the numbers.

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Net Worth Update: March 2017

I finally hit over 100k saved in my retirement accounts! Derek and I combined have over 150k. I hope the stock market doesn’t dip anytime soon. It’d totally rain on my victory parade.

Net Worth: $30,016

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Net Worth Update: February 2017

I’ve started to contain and extinguish the raging dumpster fire that is my monthly cash flow. It’s still going to be a struggle to find the right balance of saving, spending, and feeling in control.

Net Worth: $21,285

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Net Worth Update January 2017

Starting the year out strong!

Net Worth: $14,107

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Net Worth Update: December 2016

Net Worth: $10380.25

Winning and losing at the same time

Our net worth is still climbing. But if you look at what we’re doing, you can see we’re still sustaining some bad habits. Student loan debt is holding pretty steady. Credit card debt is steady or growing.

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Net Worth Update: November 2016

I’ve started to slack in my timely reporting, but I did at least crunch the numbers early November.

Net Worth: $5091

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