Net Worth Update August 2016: $4018

If ever there was an argument for saving early and often, our changes in net worth over the past three months alone represent the sheer power of compounding interest.

June 2016: We were at minus $4,328!

July 2016: We came out of the red to the tune of $619

August 2016: We’re now $4018 positive!

The Details of How Our Net Worth Changed Month Over Month

Money Prowess Net Worth Update August 2016

Net Worth: $4018

I’ve done no significant and fancy hoopla to power up our savings or pay down our debt since I started monthly tracking net worth. In fact, looking at the month change, there’s some bad stuff happening. My student loan balances are growing. A couple of my investments took a small hit and shrank. But that negative is countered by a bigger, stronger positive flow of strong investment returns and paying down my credit cards.

Net Worth Update July 2016: $619<< >>Net Worth Update September 2016: $3972

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