I’m Taking FrugalWoods Uber Frugal Month Challenge!

I count myself pretty frugal, but there’s always room for improvement. Like, right now I know my internet bill just went up $10/month and that a phone call to my provider would likely result in getting it back down to my old rate.

So, naturally, I was excited come come across the FrugalWoods Uber Frugal Month Challenge happening this July 2017!

The basic gist is that FrugalWoods will send an email 1x a day for the 31 days of July with tips, action items, recommended reading, etc. to help encourage and inspire you. The idea is to take this one month to really think about your spending, to critically examine every need and want to see where there’s room for further financial improvement. The goal is that this scrutiny will lead to its own frugal-snowball of better habits and money-sense.

If you haven’t yet heard of FrugalWoods, check them out! They blog at www.frugalwoods.com and have guest wrote on several other notable financial bloggers sites. They’re 30-somethings who used to live in Cambridge, MA. As they began saving and got inspired, they realized their dream vision wasn’t city living and keeping up with full time corporate jobs. So, they bought 66 acres in Vermont and are rocking it out.

Join me in taking the Uber Frugal Month Challenge!
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