Net Worth Update July 2017: $41,518

I’m still growing my net worth, even if this month vs last month is a small gain.

Net Worth: $41,518

Analyzing the Month

I paid down a little bit to credit cards and student loans, which helped. But the main reason this was a net positive month is all due to my ongoing 401(k) contribution. Most of my investment accounts were down compared to last month, but by shoveling more money into savings, I still came out ahead.

In Depth Half Year in Review Coming Soon

I’ve been tracking my spending month by month, color coding categories that I spent less than budget and where I went over budget in order to see trends. I’ll be sharing that spending level detail shortly.


2017 Net Worth Tracker:

January: $14,107
February: $21,285
March: $30,016
April: $32,939
May: $33,537
June: $38,883


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  1. Church - July 24, 2017 Reply

    Very nice job on keeping track and being on top of things.

    Curious to know why so many credit cards? Why not maintain 3-4 that provide you with the best perks?

    • Katrina - July 29, 2017 Reply

      Great question! I’ll try to write a post soon that goes more in depth into my different credit cards and overall credit card philosophy and use. The short version – I do kinda only use 3-4 that have the best perks, but for the most part I’ve kept unused cards open to rock out having a larger amount of credit available to me. I’ve tapped into different ones for different perks before. Like I used a card that’s been dormant for a year because it had the best special offers available, allowing me to take advantage of a 0% interest offer with a 2% balance transfer fee to make a huge purchase.

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