I blew almost $40,000 in 5 minutes. Here’s where it went.

Do you remember the Monopoly Community Chest card that says “From Sale of Stock you get $45”? Well, sometimes those windfalls happen in real life too.

I got $41,194.20 from a stock payout late last year.

Here’s how I spent it:

I wrote a $6,000 check to pay back a short-term loan from a family member that we promised to pay back before December.

I paid off my graduate student loan. Total damage: $30,235.54.

I paid the $1700 balance off of a credit card that was accruing interest.

I paid the remaining statement balance, $956.63, off on another credit card.

I put $650 into a 529 account for Lu.

And that’s $39,542.17 gone. WHOOSH.

With the $1652.03 remaining I replenished the rental real estate reserve account as that was low.

Net Worth Update: November 2018<< >>Net Worth Update - April 2019: $120,612

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