Money Prowess Net Worth Update August 2017 - 57943 usd

Net Worth Update August 2017: $57,943

Our net worth leaped up over 16k in one month! This is all due to investing in a speculative new stock that increased 10x overnight. Just kidding. That just about never happens. I finally got paid an annual performance bonus in one large lump sum. Net Worth: $57,943
Bringing home the bread

Mrs. Breadwinner and Stay at Home Dad Stigmas

I make the big bucks. My husband stays at home all day to care for our daughter.I'm Mrs., nay Dr. Breadwinner, and have a stay at home husband. We live in a big progressive city. And it is still weird and rare and shocking to people when they hear Derek stays home. It shouldn’t be weird. It’s not usually weird to us. But when we encounter others then it gets weird. It’s just our normal.