Net Worth Update: February 2017: $21,285

I’ve started to contain and extinguish the raging dumpster fire that is my monthly cash flow. It’s still going to be a struggle to find the right balance of saving, spending, and feeling in control. Net Worth: $21,285

Net Worth Update October 2016: $6425

My investments continue to save me from drowning in my credit card and student loan debt. Net Worth: $6425 If you look closely at the changes in my savings balances compared to the changes in my credit card balances, you’ll notice a bunch of money shifted accounts. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Net Worth Update September 2016: $3972

It’s not all onward and upward. Net Worth: $3972 Our net worth has shrunk by the cost of a bar tab. We’re worth $46 less than last month. How September compares to August is a great reflection of why it can be problematic to check your net worth monthly. The end tally doesn’t tell much […]

Net Worth Update August 2016: $4018

If ever there was an argument for saving early and often, our changes in net worth over the past three months alone represent the sheer power of compounding interest. June 2016: We were at minus $4,328! July 2016: We came out of the red to the tune of $619 August 2016: We’re now $4018 positive! […]